Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cininatti QF : Caroline Wozniacki got spanked by Elena Dementieva 2-6, 1-6.

I've a 2 perfect words for such performance : Lacklustre and Ashaming ! It was an Unforced Errors festival at Caroline's side who never was in the match. Her serve was very poor like her forehand.
If she wants to slip out of the Top 10 soon, she's on the right path with but if she wants to stay in the Top 10, she MUSTS change of mentality asap : It's enough of being passive as hell on the court and comitting loads of mistakes.

She also has to gain game cleverness, having a much better forehand and as I said weeks before : staying calm wathever the situation. A true champion shows his/her pedigree when being in troubles, in bad times : by fighting back, getting a plan B or even C game. I've yet to see that at Caroline's side.

Don't want to sound pessimistic but she's near of joining the " Players in a Slump " club. Also the crazy scheduling of her father won't help her, it only will burn her out. It's time for Piotr Wozniacki to step aside and stop thinking he's the next Melanie Molitor or the next fantastic tennis coach : It isn't the case and it will never be the case.

Next week, Caroline will play Toronto ( Rogers Cup ) but I don't expect much of her to be honest as she's OUT of shape.

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