Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caroline's last blog entry !

My First Stop in the U.S.

Hello Everyone,

I just arrived in the U.S. last Thursday and I wanted to give everyone an update on what I have been doing on my first U.S. stop out in LA because I have been quite busy doing many different things. After a long flight from Europe on Thursday, I went to the tournament site on Friday and practiced twice at the Home Depot Center where the Galaxy football team also practices. It was really hot out which I was not used to at all in my first practice, but the second practice was much better. Later in the day on Friday when I was done practicing, I had a crew of hair, make-up, stylist and photographers come to my hotel room and get me ready for the photo shoot I was doing for a magazine in New York. The stylists really picked out some nice clothes for me to wear for the photo shoot, and after spending about two hours having my hair and make-up done I was finally ready to get started with the photographer.

For the photo shoot, we did three different outfits all of which I liked very much. The first outfit was a long black evening gown dress, the second one was a shorter, more fun, pink fuscia colored dress and the last one was a beautiful multi-colored, long summer dress. When we started the photo shoot Friday afternoon it was very bright and sunny outside, but by the time we were done the sun was setting and it was not very light out anymore.

After the photo shoot, I quickly changed back in my hotel room because my friend Victoria Azarenka was having her 20th birthday dinner celebration with some of the other girls playing in the LA tournament, so we all went across the street to a very nice restaurant for dinner. The view in the restaurant was so nice because we were on the 14th floor, and after over two hours we finally sang Victoria Happy Birthday and had a really, really good chocolate cake!

On Saturday, I practiced twice again and when I was finished I went back to my hotel room to get ready for a special tv interview appearance on ESPN 2 which is covering all of the US Open Series tournaments here in the U.S. and the US Open. The ESPN 2 interview was at the UCLA tennis facility where the men on the ATP tour were playing this week, and once I arrived I met some of the people at the WTA to help with the draw ceremony for my tournament. Afterwards, I quickly headed over to the ESPN booth where Cliff Drysdale, Darren Cahill and Pam Shriver were all waiting for me, and around 7:45 p.m. I went on-air with them and talked about different things for about five or ten minutes until we were finished.

When I was finally done, I was thinking about going to the Barcelona and Galaxy game starting at 8:00 p.m. (Barcelona is one of my favorite teams!), but the LA traffic was just too bad to get there in time. Instead, I went with my publicist to a really nice sushi restaurant in LA called Katsuya which is pretty famous for having many Hollywood stars attend dinner there. I really like out here in LA, and I think some day it would be nice to have a home here where I can come vacation or stay when I am not playing as much.

Since then, I just practiced twice on Sunday to get ready for the singles and doubles matches that started today, and in the afternoon my partner Sorana Cirstea and I lost our first round match to a tough doubles team in three sets of which a tie-breaker was played to decide the third set with the new scoring rules. On Tuesday I will have a day off from match play, but I am very excited to go watch the Galaxy soccer team practice here at the site and hopefully I will get to meet David Beckham! My first round of singles match will be against the winner of my doubles partner Sorana Cirstea and Michelle Larcher de Brito on Wednesady so it should be a good match.

Below is one of the photos from my photo shoot on Friday, and I hope everyone is having a really great summer! I will write more soon as I visit different cities in the U.S. and leading up to the US Open.

Best Wishes,


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