Saturday, October 31, 2009

Year End Championships 2009 ( SEC ) SF : Injured and tired Caroline Wozniacki retired against Serena Williams ( USA ) 4-6, 1-0.

Caroline Wozniacki tried to compete for this match but unfortunatly she hadn't enough strenght but fought though during the match where she didn't look foolish at all. She broke 4 times Serena Williams's serve ( 3 times in the 1st set and once in the 2nd set ). But unfortunalty her serve game was poor though, she got broken 4 times. In the second set, Wozniacki led 1-0 and 40-15 on her serve but it was too much for her : she was forced to retire ! Beside the left thight injury, there was also a pulled stomach muscle.

In general Caroline did a very good YEC where I only can be proud of ! She didn't deserve such sad end but that's the cruel side of tennis and sport.

Now, Caroline needs a Long, long rest to heal her injuries perfectly and recharge her empty batteries !

I hope with all my heart you'll be back in January 2010 focused, fully prepared, in top shape and stronger than ever for a new season with loads of success ! I will miss you during off-season but Enjoy your hollidays with your family and friends in Denmark !

I love you Caroline and wathever happens I always will be a loyal and very passionate fan of you !

Kom Saa, Caroline !

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