Thursday, October 22, 2009

Luxemburg 1st round : Unprofessionnal Caroline Wozniacki retired against Kremmer while leading 7-5, 5-0

I'm sorry but for me, it's clearly an unprofessionnal behavior ! What would it cost her staying maybe for one or two minutes more on court ? She was injured ? Oki but even on one leg, she should have beaten local Anne Kremmer. Also I dislike more and more the way Piotr, her father, interfers in her career : He doesn't have a clue what's tennis about. He maybe thinks he's the next big thing. I don't know. And the crazy schedule of Caroline is scary. I'm afraid that he will burn Caroline OUT. I understand, he's n°1 fan of her daughter and he wants the best for her but there are limits.
He should better coach the Odense football ( soccer ) team or a team nearby instead of doing silly things with her.
If she didn't want to play Luxemburg, she didn't feel at 100%, she should have withdrawn of the tournament.

Next week, she will play the YEC ( Sony Ericsson Championship ) at Doha with the 8 best players of the WTA tour ranking. I don't expect much, to be honest.

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