Friday, November 20, 2009

Caroline Wozniacki tennis academy

Wozniacki tennis academy.

Caroline Wozniacki is now launching a project, which is ultimately to create a new Danish top player.

Caroline will, with her father Piotr, start a tennis academy in Copenhagen, where young aspiring talents can get competent training and insight into life as a tennis professional.

"I feel that for me it is important to give some of all the talent out there a chance. In this way we, who have tried it, can give our knowledge to new aspiring talents," says Caroline Wozniacki and explain.

"It will be twice a month the first year where we're going to try to give young talents the opportunity to live as professional tennis players," says Caroline Wozniacki to TV2 Sport and describes one of the ideas behind the project.

Talents should be trained hard:
"They will be trained hard so that they experience what it is like to live as a tennis player at the highest levels with diet and workout plans and everything that goes with it," explains the 19-year tennisstar and insists that anyone can join.

A central figure in the academy is Caroline Wozniackis father Piotr, who has trained his daughter to be among the world's best female tennis players.

"I have gained much knowledge by traveling with Caroline, about being a professional tennis player. This I want to pass on. It is important for me to say that we will not make money on this project," says Piotr.


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