Sunday, November 15, 2009

Caroline will play doubles with Medina Garrigues ( ESP ) next season.

New doubles partner for Caroline Wozniacki and more double matches next year.

Caroline Wozniacki has decided she wants to play more double matches next season since she as a top 10 player isn't allowed to participate in nearly as many single tournaments next year.
Wozniacki has just said yes to partner with the 27-year old Anabel Medina Garrigues from Spain for the whole season next year, after having had Cirstea as regular doubles partner this year.
Caroline say she and Garrigues have agreed to play about 10 tournamnets together next year. All 4 Grand Slams and the biggest Masters tournaments. Garrigues and Wozniacki won 2008 China Open together, the only time they have been partners until now.
One of Caroline's two career doubles tournamnet victories so far. The other was 2009 Memphis with Victoria Azarenka.
Anabel Medina Garrigues is currently ranked 11 in doubles.

Garrigues' regular doubles partner Virginia Ruana Pascal is about to end her career, so Garrigues had to find a new doubles partner for next season and chose Wozniacki who has now accepted to partner with Garrigues.
Garrigues and Ruana Pascal has won French Open doubles the last two years and won silver at the 2008 Olympics after loosing the final to the Williams sisters.
So Caroline has something to live up to in doubles next year.

From having played 26-27 tournamnets in 2009, Wozniacki is only going to participate in 16-18 tournamnets in 2010.
One of the tournaments she's forced to not play in 2010 is "Swedish Open" in Båstad. She won this tournamnet in 2008 and was in the final in 2009. As a top 10 player she's only allowed to play 1 USD220,000 tournamnet every half season and "Swedish Open" in Båstad is held only one month prior to Caroline playin "Danish Open" in Farum in August.


  1. Playing fewer events can in the long run only be a good hing for Caro. I'd like her to have a long career.

  2. Yup, the amount of tournaments she played last season was insane ! Yup, I don't want her to stop her career when being 23 or 24 years old because being total burnt out and badly injured.