Wednesday, September 16, 2009

US Open Final : Caroline Wozniacki failed again to win a final and maybe the biggest of her life.

Caroline Wozniacki failed again to win a final and not a random one but maybe the final of her life by having a lack of game cleverness and especialy maturity against Kim Clijsters 5-7, 3-6.

People will say : What an achievement for Caroline but I don't as losing a final isn't an achievement at all ! People will say : she's still young, she still can win Grand Slam ? No, don't think like this, 'cause when you have the chance of winning one, you have to be nearly perfect what was not Caroline after having lost her serve at 5-4 and serving for the set.

It's time for Caroline to play like a mature woman, not like a girl who's afraid to achieve big things.

I'm not at all fan of unfinished business : when you lose a final, you can't be considered as someone special : you did what loads of others did : FAILING !

At some sides, I agree with Jose Mourinho who only think about the 1st place ! Ending second or worse is like a huge failure for him.

I'm sorry but when I see Del Potro, what he did against Master Federer, it only makes me angry and angry at Caroline ! You would say I'm too hard with her but I'm never too hard with someone I love !

Caroline, stop of collecting runner's up trophy 'cause at the end we only remember winners, NEVER runner's up !

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