Tuesday, September 1, 2009

US Open 1st round : Caroline Wozniacki pushed Galina Voskoboeva ( KAZ ) 6-4, 6-0

Easy win you would say ? I don't think so at all ! Caroline didn't look relaxed at all during the whole match despite having the match in hands ! But how did she get the match in hands ? Thx to her opponent hitting tons of errors and not able to control her nerves ! Understandable when you have no confidence in yourself.

I disliked the way Caroline let Voskoboeva dictate the match ! Caroline hardly took the initiatives. She simply was the passive Caroline full force, thinking only to defend, never to attack her opponent !

A win is a win, you would say but I'm not happy with such wins ! It doesn't give me confidence at all about a possible breakthrough in a Grand Slam ! She has to let for good the passivness at home in Denmark : I need the agressive, " I take the initiatives " , " You won't dictate the match , I will " Caroline so badly. Being so insecure and hitting so few winners, will never help her !

Caroline, pls. change your mentality and be much more confident in yourself ASAP !!!

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