Monday, January 25, 2010

Australian Open 4th round : Caroline Wozniacki sent packing by Na Li 4-6, 3-6.

Won't say much about the game because Europeans need their sleep sometimes and I don't think I made a mistake by chosing to sleep and not watching the match. What I saw of the statistics, also the comments and highlights about Caroline's match, she was trully awful ! A pure lacklustre performance from Caroline. She had clearly not her head to the match, she already was with her thoughts and mind in the plane for Denmark. She was good in the beginning but after 4-2 in the 1st set in her favor, everything went wrong. She became an error machine and didn't put a fight at all ! At the other side, Li wasn't great at all.

I bet it was her worse performance since a long time ! Yet again, she got beat twice in two weeks by the same opponent and it was worse than in Sydney. She let her fans , her team but above all HERSELF down and embarrassed ! A lack of professionalism and maturity ! That's what happens, in my opinion, when you let yourself too much distracted by things who have nothing to do with tennis. And yet again, she failed to make a Quarter Final in a Grand Slam ! I'm very unhappy and mad at her because she could go further than the 4th round.

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  1. Bad loss, but win or lose - she's our girl no matter what! ;)